It all started when…

DareShawn Henry, better known as “Dare” is a Creative & Professional Makeup Artist with over 9 years of experience in numerous aspects of Makeup Art: Bridal, Beauty & Fashion, just to name a few.

Dare has had a life-long love affair with the beauty industry. It’s no mystery where her passion for makeup originated. She has been immersed in the world of beauty since birth. Naturally, her creativity and passion for Artistry came from God, her family roots, along with self teaching and media. Influential makeup artists such as Bobbi Brown, Reggie Wells, Fiona Stiles, and Danessa Myricks are some of her inspiration. As an adolescent, in her past time, she enjoyed analyzing beauty magazines, studying and drawing faces, all while watching her mother work as a full-time cosmetologist. She loves taking pictures and being in front of the camera, which led to some brief modeling. At the time, it was never apparent that the preceding events would lead up to a career in Makeup Artistry. After graduating High School in 2007, she attended Florida Atlantic University where she discovered her niche, stepped out on faith, and decided to put a degree on hold to pursue her dreams full time. These days, Dare is a dedicated wife, mom, and a full time entrepreneur. She believes that she will soon own a successful Makeup School, an agency for Professional Makeup Artists, and a global cosmetic retail store for her product line DareGlam Beauty.